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Monokuma by soullover9 Monokuma :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0 Nathanial miraculous by soullover9 Nathanial miraculous :iconsoullover9:soullover9 1 0 Ciel phantomhive by soullover9 Ciel phantomhive :iconsoullover9:soullover9 3 0 Angel goddess by soullover9 Angel goddess :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0 Kasandra by soullover9 Kasandra :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 2 kou mukami by soullover9 kou mukami :iconsoullover9:soullover9 2 0 subaru sakamaki by soullover9 subaru sakamaki :iconsoullover9:soullover9 3 0 temari by soullover9 temari :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 1 naruto leaf sign by soullover9 naruto leaf sign :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0 black butler: book of circus by soullover9 black butler: book of circus :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 1 alois trancy by soullover9 alois trancy :iconsoullover9:soullover9 1 0 bluebelle by soullover9 bluebelle :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0 ciel by soullover9 ciel :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0 ciel in wonderland by soullover9 ciel in wonderland :iconsoullover9:soullover9 1 0 color girl by soullover9 color girl :iconsoullover9:soullover9 1 0 ciel and sebastian by soullover9 ciel and sebastian :iconsoullover9:soullover9 0 0

Favourites by Fbsrabbit :iconfbsrabbit:Fbsrabbit 369 4
|Finding Happiness|OHSHC X Anorexic!Reader
You take off your shirt,getting into the shower,seeing chunks off 'fat' on your body,it was sickening to you. You could barely even see your ribs and you can see your hip bones. That's about it. You wanted to see every bone in your fat,lumpy body. You hated being fat. You hated it.
You were just about to take your bra and panties off until you hear a BOOM CRASH BANG (Or whatevs) in your kitchen.
"Daddy's here~ Y/n,sweetie,where are you~??"
"There's no cake! M-mori-senpai there's barely any food even in here besides some... Popcorn? Ooooooo~! What's that~??"
"*groan* Rich people..."
"This is quite an old place from my research. Why doesn't she even live in a two-story house? This is too commoner for our reputation. *sigh* But I guess if she likes it,we will after time."
"This place is crazy!" "Messy!" "Old~!"
You squeak a bit and try to put your clothes back in until
The prince of the club himself walks in to see you.
"Y-Y/n? Wh-why do your ribs show?"
Your eyes widen in despair,l
:iconbluebiscuits100:BlueBiscuits100 16 8
Mature content
Sasuke Lemon :icontezzieh:Tezzieh 55 7
The Bet- Punishment Time
Sasuke Uchiha sat on the bridge railing, his arms folded and his lips set in a thoughtful pout. Sakura leaned on the railing, sighing.
“This is so boring. Kakashi-sensei takes forever.” She muttered. Naruto, who sat on the ground making a small castle of rocks, shrugged.
“He always does. It’s called a late sensei!” He exclaimed. Sasuke, who was still in thought, stared straight ahead, ignoring everything around him. Naruto twitched, getting angry with Sasuke’s silence.
“Oye, teme, wake up!” He shouted annoyed. Sasuke blinked, then sent Naruto a glare.
“What now, dobe?”
“Are you even the slightest bit annoyed that Kakashi-sensei is late?! AGAIN?!”
“Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be? That ‘sensei’ should get fired. He’s useless.”
“Sasuke!” Sakura cried in shock. Naruto gave an evil smirk as Sasuke shrugged innocently.
“What? It’s true. He’s wasting our time. He t
:iconizzyuchiha:IzzyUchiha 68 104
The Twins' New Toy
     It was an exciting day for Lisa. The young, Australian girl had managed to win a trip not only to Japan, but a month of study at the Ouran High School, a school for the rich and powerful families around the world.
     She wasn't sure if she'd be accepted by her peers, not having much money herself, or that of even her family. What if the kids would treat her like nothing but a street urchin? What if she made no friends whatsoever?! All her excitement and sense of adventure simply vanished for a bit, but after two days, she seemed to find that her fears were mostly unfounded.
     True, she didn't have hordes of the boys and girls ready to accept her and be their bff's but they didn't seem to mind that another person without family money had been attending their school either. Haruhi Fujioka, had also been a girl with not very much money, who'd managed to come here on a spec
:iconzhaneaugustine:ZhaneAugustine 25 43
Mischief chapter 3: Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru
A/N:  I'm going to change the story to first person. I feel like it is better for trying to take the place of the person in the story. Sorry if it's confusing.
Yazuha's POV (twins' mother if you forgot)
"Hmmm.... I like that girl..." I watch (Y/N) run away with my boys.
I decide that I am going to make that cake as quick as I can. I don't want that poor girl to end up pregnant or anything... I mean, they ARE teenage boys after all...
'She seems like she is in quite a tough spot already. Both of them have fallen for her in one day! I can see it on their faces! She might get in a bit of trouble with them both... oh no, that makes it worse!'
I rush to the kitchen and don't waste any time to grab my 'kiss the beautiful cook' smock and throw it over my head haphazardly. I get the ingredients out and throw them on the counter. I almost trip on my heel about twenty times just fetching it all! I whip everything into a bowl and put it in the oven to bake. I throw the smock on the hangar an
:iconmorgancatlovey:morgancatlovey 16 2
. tickle war | Bokuto Koutarou / Kuroo Tetsurou
“[Name]!” Kuroo shouted from outside. I jumped off the couch and sprinted to the Nekoma Captain. He was standing by the car of his neighbours he was supposed to wash with Bokuto, and I just stopped running when I saw the hose in his hands.
“What-” I started, but I was interrupted by Kuroo spraying me with the hose. My shorts and t-shirt were soaked within seconds. Bokuto was dying of laughter, and was holding his gut as tears streamed down his face. Kuroo only smirked at me, and lowered the hose.
“It’s a shame you’re not wearing a white shirt,” Kuroo commented, winking at me.
“You know what’s a shame? How little I hug you guys.” I replied, then ran to Kuroo. Before he could move I had pulled him in a hug and rubbed my body against his. Then, for good measure, I spun around quickly, making my wet hair hit him in the face. It was quite a sight to be honest.
Kuroo tried to push me away, and while he was distracted I yanked
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 180 14
Tickle Fight ||Eren X Reader||
You groaned as you walked into your dimmed lighted room. It had been a long day of non stop cleaning, and all you wanted to do was pass out on your bed. You lazily threw your boots and jacket off, and made them land who knows where in the room. You sighed tiredly as your body hit the soft, tea colored sheets, while your head sunk into the pillow. Finally, I can get some sleep. You thought to yourself as you slowly drifted off into a sweet slumber.
"(Y/N)!!!" You shot up abruptly as you heard your lover, Eren, call your name. His voice was high pitched and full of fear, as he busted into your room. "(Y/N)! (Y/N)!" He repeated your name rapidly.
"E-Eren? What the fuck-"
"Please save me from Corporal shorty! I-"
"You better take back what you just said Jaeger! Or I wont go so easy on you!" Levi shouted as he too, walked into your room.
"Levi!? What the hell-" You got cut off as the two of them bickered on.
"Levi! I didn't do it I swear! Please don't kill me! I-It was Jean!"
"Yeah r
:iconwolvespridestudios:WolvesPrideStudios 577 179
Tickle Fight With The Captain||Levi X Reader||
"Levi Heichou~" You called out to Levi your...well...lover. He looked up from his papers, and met with your (e/c) eyes.
"Yes (Y/n)?" He lifted one eyebrow up, while he spun his black pen around in his fingers. You smiled cheerfully and brought your chair over to his side. You leaned your head on his tense shoulder, that soon relaxed once he felt your touch.
"Guess what?" You questioned.
"I love you." You said while nuzzling your head on his shoulder. He chuckled, and brought his hand up to your face, placing his thumb and index finger on your chin. He turned around in his chair to face you, making you bring your head off his shoulder and look him in the eyes. You smiled softly, as he leaned in and placed his lips on top of yours. They moved slowly against yours, until he pulled away, and stared at your features lovingly.
"I love you more." He finally spoke. You giggled and pecked his lips once more.
"You should take a break, you've been working non stop for the past hour..." Yo
:iconwolvespridestudios:WolvesPrideStudios 1,044 216
Inuyasha gets Tickled
Inuyasha gets tickled
It was a sunny day and Inuyasha, kogome, miroku, sango, and shippo were traveling on a boat. "I'm getting sea-sick.." said shippo. "Demons don't get seasick!" said Inuyasha. "Aww, how cute!" said sango petting shippo. The boat had stopped and everyone got off onto land. Inuyasha lied down on the grass. "Hey, over there is a lake. We can bathe there." said Miroku pointing his staff at the lake. "That sounds nice," said Kogome, her eyes sparkling. "What do you think Inuyasha?" "Why not," he said getting up. They walked over to the lake. "Okay," said kogome. "Guys, turn around." "Why?" asked Miroku looking at kogome's boobs. "i mean, of course!!" he said as he turned around. "I don't see why we have to turn arrond," said inuyasha. "I mean, your not a woman.." At that moment Kogome smacked Inuyahsha. "OWWW!!" he shouted as he rubbed his cheek. The others turned arround as sango and kogome went in. Kogome and sango did the same for Inuyasha, shippo, and miroku. "So, in
:iconxxsugarstarsxx:xXSugarStarsXx 14 5
The Joke, Chase, and Tickle Torture (Inuyasha)
The Joke, the Chase, and the Tickle Torture
It was a ordinary day in the Feudal Era. The gang was staying with Kaede for a couple days. Kagome had insisted that they take a break from sacred jewel hunting for a few days. At first Inuyasha didn't want to but Kagome was able to convince him with a little acting. Kaede asked how she had gotten him to actually take a break so she told her the story.
"Inuyasha, come here for a sec." Kagome said to Inuyasha.
"What Kagome?"  
"Inuyasha, can we please go back to Kaede's house and stay there for a few days? I just want to take a break from all this searching, I think we could all use a break." Kagome said with her the most innocent voice she could muster.
"No." Inuyasha said plainly.
"I said no"
Kagome was starting to get mad, 'I could always say sit, but I would like him to say yes without being forced to. Well, I guess its time for plan B.' She turned around and sat and then she started to fake cry.
"Ka-Kagome." Inuyasha
:iconlizy421:lizy421 10 3
how to Tickle a Greaser
I was sitting on the roof of the Curtis house with my friend Ponyboy on a Friday afternoon in the sunshine looking at the clouds while we waited for Darrel and Soda pop to get back "how long have we been up here?" I asked "about 35 minutes" Ponyboy said as he pokes my side making me jump and giggle "hey, watch it...I'm ticklish" I said scooting a little bit away from Ponyboy "oh" he said "really?" He got curious on me "yes" I said dodging another poke from him "hmmm...ok" he said, they way he said that kinda scared me a little bit, but I can always get a way to stop someone, I poke his belly button making him giggle "hey" he said "what?" I asked teasingly "that tickles" he said laying down next to me ":D oh really?" I had a fun idea and pinned Ponyboy down onto the rooftop with his arms over his head "what are you doing?" He asked me "passing the time" I said poking his left side making him squeal ":giggle: I wonder where you are the most ticklish" I said "you shall never know" Ponyboy
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 28
Two-Bit X Reader: Hey Pretty Baby
You were one of those Greaser girls without a gang. It wasn’t that you didn’t have friends, you just had things to do. Like, your job at the Dingo. You had to have food and you had to pay bills. And if that meant spending four days working from 9 in the morning to 10 at night, you were good. However, you were still a Greaser. You still carried a blade. You still got into fights and rumbles. You still wore faded and torn jeans. You just had a job you needed to take care of. The one you were at right now. It was nearly 7, and you ready to get off. The sun was setting, and you really wanted to see a movie. Your shift ended in five minutes, and there was nobody in the whole place. Until Two-Bit walked in. You groaned a bit, escaping to the kitchen. You saw your friend and reliever, (f/n), and sighed in relief.
“Thank God you’re here. Two-Bit’s out there. If he asks, I was never here.”
(F/n) simply smiled at you, nodding as you hugged her. You were
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 96 29
Always Been There (Ronald Knox X Reader) For Alli by TaffyDoll1150 Always Been There (Ronald Knox X Reader) For Alli :icontaffydoll1150:TaffyDoll1150 9 1 Hikaru and Kaoru by Ulokanopie Hikaru and Kaoru :iconulokanopie:Ulokanopie 984 184 Hikaru and Kaoru by zomgspongelolbob48 Hikaru and Kaoru :iconzomgspongelolbob48:zomgspongelolbob48 2,784 196


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